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CLP Fees for Religious Law Cases

Canon Law Professionals is committed to providing the highest quality representation for its clients.  Our intent is to allow all members of the Church access to quality canonical services. For our clients, the initial consultation, up to one hour’s time, is free. This allows us to determine if and how we can help you. If you choose to retain our services, our fees are determined at the time our services are requested and are structured to provide fairness and equity.

At the time you retain us, we require a non-refundable retainer equivalent to 5 hours. Thereafter billing will occur on a monthly basis. We know that this is a time of economic hardship for many people. We understand that many may have difficulties paying the fees we have set. We do not wish to dissuade those unable to meet our fees, and we ask that you contact us in order to discuss what might be reasonable for you.  Our fees may be reduced in order to meet the restrictions of the client and we offer some pro bono work to those in need.

Professional Fees

  • The initial contact and consultation (up to 1 hour) will be free of charge.

  • One time administration fee to maintain file, $300 (This will cover basic office expenses such as long distance phone call charges, regular mailing expenses, general copying, filing, etc).

  • Professional Canonical services will be charged at $300 per hour.

    For institutional clients, fees for single or multiple Canonists will be determined by mutual agreement.

    Professional Canonical services for 2 Canonists at the same time (when necessary: such as a meeting or conference call) will be charged at $450 per hour.

  • Phone calls will be charged at the hourly rate based on .25/hr increments (.25/hr. = 15 min.).

  • Travel expenses will be charged at actual costs using the most reasonable means possible.

  • Travel mileage is charged at current approved IRS Mileage rate.

  • Travel time will be charged at 25% of the agreed upon services fee.

  • Express mail, registered mail, package service, etc. will be charged at actual expense.

  • Credit card payments are accepted through PayPal. 


All of our fees are expected at the time services are offered. All invoices are expected to be paid within 30 days.


All invoices over 30 days may be subject to a 2% late fee.

There are no hidden charges intended. Clients are charged only for the services rendered and for the time dedicated to their case. Any concerns or disputes may be raised with the main office. If disputes persist, mediation to solve the dispute will be entered into with an agreed upon, independent mediator.

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