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CLP Resources

Like the civil law, canon law is a vast and complicated field that has developed over many centuries of thought and practice. It is a body of law that has its own jurisprudence and method of interpretation. Professional canonists are the product of study and work but there are some basic resources that may be of use to those who are interested in the area.  The information contained on this website is intended to offer ONLY basic canonical information. There is no intention to provide the complete information that should or could be applied to a particular situation in which one finds oneself. Each case or situation is unique and many variables can enter into choosing the appropriate course of action. One may also find that there may be different interpretations that may be provided to a particular situation.

The following sites have been found interesting and helpful to many of our consultants and clients. Canon Law Professionals takes no responsibility for any of the information contained in these sites, nor do we guarantee its accuracy. These sites are provided solely as additional resources to assist those searching for information and assistance. Please remember that none of these resources may be the best fit for your particular circumstance any more than representing yourself in civil law is a good idea because you have read law books.

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