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Dr. Michael Ritty has professional experience in the fields of canon law, mediation/arbitration and education, and has a Ph.D. in education from the Ohio University.  His 20 years of canonical experience includes work as an advocate, defender of the bond and judge at both first and second instance marriage courts. He was the Director of a Tribunal for six years, supervising all aspects of the tribunal’s work. He has assisted in the work of administrative tribunals. He has represented religious in disputes with their communities which have led to indults of exclaustration and departure. He has represented priests and religious communities in misconduct procedures and offered advice on other canonical questions.  He is the primary litigator for Canon Law Professionals.  He has represented more than 250 priests accused of sexual misconduct as well as many religious and lay persons accused of wrongdoing or seeking to vindicate their rights in the Church.

Dr. Ritty has more than 200 hours of mediation training, including specific training to deal with church-related conflicts. He has mediated more than 200 individual cases. He is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution. He was the coordinator of the Office of Conciliation and Arbitration for the Diocese of Madison, and his experience has included pastor-parishioner disputes. He is a member of the Canon Law Society of America and the Canadian Canon Law Society.

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