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Dr. Margaret Chalmers has many years experience working in canon law as well as being a civil attorney. She has over ten years experience working in a tribunal as a judge, defender of the bond, procurator/advocate, and auditor. She is a member of the Canon Law Society of America as well as a member of the Alabama State Bar.

Dr. Chalmers has also worked on a range of other canonical issues involving disputes with religious communities, exclaustration issues, and the protection of rights of the faithful. She has advised clients in disputes between pastors and parishioners. Dr. Chalmers has given local presentations to educate deacons-in training on canon law, as well as trained lay diocesan procurator/advocates. She has particular interest and expertise in ecumenical and Anglican affairs. Dr. Chalmers has articles published in both Studia Canonica and CLSA Proceedings, with particular emphasis given to issues of the remedy of harm.

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