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Sister Marilyn R. Vassallo, CSJ is a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet of the Albany Province. 1964.  Since 1981 Sister has been involved in various aspects of canon law including defender of the bond, assessor, advocate, judge and auditor.  She has served in the dioceses of Albany, Birmingham, Shreveport and Dallas.

From 1998-2013, Sister served as Director of Canonical Services and Mediation in the Diocese of Shreveport in Louisiana. In addition to her administrative role as Director, Sister Marilyn has presented Annulment Workshops and prepared Lay Advocates throughout the Provinces of Mobile and New Orleans.

From 2006-2013 Sister was appointed Coordinator for Religious for the Diocese of Shreveport.   During this time she was a member of the National Conference for Vicars of Religious. 
Along with her canonical responsibilities, Sister served as a professor for the Greco Institute in the Diocese of Shreveport where she specialized in canon law, sacraments, church history and spirituality.  In addition, Sister Marilyn served as professor for the University of Dallas in which she instructed candidates for the deaconate for the Diocese of Shreveport. 

Sister Marilyn has been a member of the Canon Law Society of America since 1989.  She has presented various workshops for the society including a pre-convention workshop on “Advocacy.”  Sister has articles published in CLSA Proceedings, as well as the Religious Bulletin.

Sister Marilyn has been a member of Canon Law Professionals since 2000.   

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